Problem Management: A Practical Guide


Jim Bolton and Buff Scott III
TSO (The Stationery Office)

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The IT Service Management process known as Problem Management is more than simply restoring services and applying permanent fixes to incidents; it is about providing a stable and available infrastructure that supports business processes and enables the success of the business.

Written by authors who are recognized experts in problem management, this publication goes beyond existing process theory and supplements the HDI Problem Management Professional Certification by including step by step easy to understand examples, real-life scenarios and personal experiences to keep the reader engaged from cover to cover. The process templates, tables, and reports included in the appendix will enable readers to more quickly establish and mature problem management within their organization.

This title is ideal for IT professionals who are working, or plan to work, within problem management, whether in a technical, managerial or operational role.

Key Features:

  • Consolidates problem management principles and concepts from numerous industry frameworks

  • Provides clear guidance on how to successfully incorporate problem management activities within your IT organization

  • Includes recommendations for communicating and measuring the business value of problem management

  • Helps readers avoid common mistakes by following recommendations from the authors' experiences

  • Supports and expands upon the HDI Problem Management Professional certification

  • Includes valuable templates, tables and reports to accelerate implementation

This book provides practical guidance on the design, implementation, and effective execution of problem management. Problem management seeks to reduce and prevent the number and severity of incidents and problems on the business that are caused by errors within the IT infrastructure.

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Extent 193 pages ISBN 9780117082991
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Format PDF Format help (opens in new window) Published 03 Oct 2016
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