Official and Regulatory Information and Links

All official and regulatory publication information can be located within this area of the TSO Shop. Follow the links below for further information on each section.

The Daily List
The Gazette
The National Archives (TNA)
Health & Safety Executive (HSE)

The Daily List

The Daily List announces all publications published or placed on sale each day by TSO. It covers all Parliamentary Acts, Statutory Instruments and Official Publications for England and Scotland as well as Acts, Statutory Rules and Assembly Publications for Northern Ireland.

The Daily List also lists those items placed on sale on behalf of the British, European and International organisations for which TSO is an agent and can be viewed here at by visiting The Daily List.

An alternative to viewing the Daily List online at is a daily or weekly electronic subscription delivered via TSO's service. For more information visit our TSO Bibliographic Services page.

The Gazette

The London, Edinburgh and Belfast Gazettes are the United Kingdom's official Newspapers of Record. Each edition of the Gazette includes notices that must be made public as a statutory requirement before certain legal powers and procedures can be exercised or finalised.

All are available on subscription service, information can be found by clicking - The Gazette Subscriptions. For further information on The Gazette please visit

The National Archives (TNA)

The National Archives is at the heart of information policy, setting standards, delivering access and encouraging the re-use of public sector information. TNA provides a wide range of services to the public, information industry, government and the wider public sector relating to finding, using, sharing and trading information.

TNA has an important role as a regulator of public sector information holders for their information trading activities. The Information Fair Trader Scheme (IFTS) founded on the principles of openness, transparency, fairness, compliance and challenge helps re-users of public sector information to know that they will be treated reasonably and fairly. TNA also investigates complaints against public sector information holders made under the Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations. In addition TNA manages the Information Unlocking Scheme which underpins the initiatives to open government data for broad use and re-use.

TNA is responsible for Government information licensing most recently publishing the Open Government License and also provides a secretariat to the Advisory Panel on Public Sector Information (APPSI), which advises Ministers on how best to encourage the re-use of public sector information.

Operating from within TNA, His Majesty’s Stationery Office (HMSO) continues to exist and fulfil its core activities including responsibility for the publication of legislation and the management of Crown copyright.

Click here to visit the TNA website

Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

The role of the HSE is to ensure that risks to people's health and safety arising from work and work activities is properly controlled. The HSE develop new health and safety laws and standards, and play a full part in international developments, especially in the European Union.

TSO is an official publisher for the HSE and all publications can be located within the HSE section here - HSE on the TSO online Bookshop, alternatively visit the HSE Books website -