Upheaval: An executive's guide to organizational digital leadership


Patti Blackstaffe
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In today's volatile business landscape, traditional leadership paradigms often fall short, leaving organizations vulnerable to digital upheaval. Enter Upheaval: An executive's guide to organizational digital leadership, a book tailored for executives and senior managers navigating the complexities of modern business. It is a groundbreaking approach that redefines digital leadership as a systemic imperative. Upheaval equips leaders with practical strategies for defining, hiring and nurturing talent fit for the digital age. With pauses for reflection, tips and thoughtfulness, the examples serve as a compass for steering organizations through the turbulent waters of digital leadership in business today.

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"Upheaval demands a bold reevaluation of leadership development in our digitally evolving world. With keen insight, Blackstaffe identifies the failings in traditional approaches to leadership training and offers a robust blueprint for cultivating equipped digital leaders. Her book is a crucial resource for boards and executives who recognize the urgency of nurturing leadership that not only survives but thrives in today's digital landscape. Upheaval is a must-read for anyone committed to building resilient, future-ready organizations armed with collaborative, adaptable, and innovative teams." - Dr Marshall Goldsmith is the Thinkers50 #1 Executive Coach and New York Times best-selling author of The Earned Life, Triggers and What Got You Here Won't Get You There

"A compelling guide to reimagining leadership for the digital age." - Rebel Brown, CEO, Cognoscenti

"This is amazing, Patti Blackstaffe! This work is thoughtful, practical, and in depth; a testament to you own qualities!" - Clemens Rettich, Partner, Beaton Waters

"Sculpting your organization for change requires executives to be curators of digital leadership. Read this." - Michael Gale, Wall Street best-selling author of The Digital Helix

"Upheaval brilliantly captures the essence of modern digital leadership, offering insightful strategies that resonate deeply with my experience in the technology and eCommerce sectors. Patti's guide is not just a roadmap for navigating the digital transformation but a beacon for fostering innovation, collaboration and resilience in the rapidly evolving business landscape. A must-read for any executive striving to lead effectively in today's interconnected digital world." - Shaun Guthrie, SVP of Peavey Technology & ECommerce

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