Promotional Discount Help

What is a promotional discount code?

As a registered user you may receive a promotional code (three letters and one number) that entitles you to varying discounts on specified titles available from the online bookshop.

Applying your code

Type your promotional discount code into the promotional code field (which appears under your shopping basket after you have logged in) then click apply. The code will automatically be applied to any items for which it is valid in the shopping basket.

Once successfully applied the discount amount will be displayed on the left under the product ISBN and a message will be displayed at the top of the shopping basket page to specify the code that has been applied.

Applying another code

If you have more then one code you can now type this into the promotional code field and click apply as before. Please note, only one promotional discount can be applied to a product at any one time - a higher discount will automatically override a lower one.

Invalid codes

If a code is invalid for any reason (either it has expired, cannot yet be used, is invalid for the specific product, has been entered incorrectly or is a single-use code that has already been used) a message to this effect will be displayed to the left of each product and at the top of your shopping basket page.

Sale prices

Where a product on the site has a sale price (where the original price is shown crossed through followed by a new lower price) only the sale price will be carried through to the shopping basket. If a valid promotional code is then successfully applied the promotional code discount will be taken off the sale price.

If you already receive customer discount on all or a range of products, any valid promotional discounts you enter will only be applied if they are higher than the customer discount you already receive. Only one discount can be applied at any one time.